Focus 2017

Focus has been running every 4 years for nearly 40 years! Here is a little information about the last main Focus event which was held in 2017. 


“The atmosphere was so loving, everyone was so kind, a great first Focus…”

“I was so impressed by the loving and compassionate environment where everyone was accepted for where they are on their journey in Christian Science, feeling very grateful and spiritually blessed and full from the experience…”

“It really makes us youngish church members feel there is a strong community for us, which is important in this day and age. The last ten days have done something magical - they have brought people from all over the world…around a common goal - to express love….”

“It was truly a wonderful experience that allowed me to grow spiritually and personally. I will treasure the lessons learned forever."            

International participants 

Focus is an international event. At Focus 2017, participants travelled from 12 countries including the ones below:

Focus countries.jpg